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TRAVIE is a sheltered workshop. It wants to contribute to the societal integration of handicapped persons by offering them a useful, paying job. The company, which positions itself in the market as a provider of miscellaneous services, is constantly on the lookout for new projects.

By joining the IRISPHERE project, TRAVIE was able to develop a new activity: recycling unsold products coming from a large agri-food company.

A new synergy is also being analyzed: the reuse of bricks from demolition sites for new construction projects in the Brussels-Capital Region.


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CityDepot is a logistics company specializing in smart urban distribution. The company centrally stores the goods on the periphery and then supplies the city centre using small trucks. As a result, traffic in the city becomes less congested and logistical transport's ecological footprint is reduced.

CityDepot is always looking to join circular economy projects so that its trucks don't have to drive back to the warehouse empty and in order to boost its sustainable management approach.

The company called on the IRISPHERE team to zero in on technically and financially feasible projects.


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Bruxelles-Propreté is being assisted to pinpoint synergies around eco-hub Recy-K. These could be synergies between companies located in the hub, as well as with other companies.

Bruxelles-Propreté wants to focus on existing flows and really imbue them with added value through Recy-K’s companies (reprocessing hard waste, repairing toys, manufacturing set materials, creating artworks, etc.).